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Executing an efficient Duck Creek upgrade requires a great deal of expertise on the Duck Creek platform. Aggne, with the know-how of Duck Creek upgrades, offers SwiftUpgrade, an upgrade automation platform, to streamline the upgrade process and minimize the time and money spent. 

Accelerate Speed to Market with SwiftUpgrade

SwiftUpgrade is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is built specifically to enable Duck Creek Platform to respond to market changes instantly, thereby helping insurers to develop new revenue opportunities, accelerate speed to market, and minimize product development and maintenance costs. With minimal operation ensured with SwiftUpgrade, Insurers can factor in regular software upgrades and avail themselves for the latest features that come with each new release of the software.

Revolutionizing the Duck Creek Upgrades

The SwiftUpgrade process starts with an automated discovery to learn the customizations and configurations of your existing software versions.  By assessing the upgrade actions necessary, the upgrade complexity, and overall software health, the upgrade actions are performed via smart automation wherever possible.  This lets our upgrade consultants focus only on the most complex parts of the upgrade, which saves you time and money.

Once the upgrade actions are complete and verified, SwiftUpgrade deploys the upgrade alongside the legacy version to ensure a seamless transition and eliminate operational disruptions.

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