The insurance industry is challenged by increasing competition, a changing regulatory landscape, and complex and unoptimized technology environments. With over a decade of success, Aggne stands ready to be your guide in driving your business forward by maximizing growth, offerings, and customer satisfaction.

We've harnessed that decade of experiences to build a portfolio of solutions that enable us to deliver unparalleled services with unparalleled efficiency at a cost that is unmatched. 

Our Services

Aggne’s services are focused on and tailored to your definition of success.  We leverage our experience, expertise, and proprietary solutions to help you achieve your goals. Explore our services and learn what makes us different from everyone else.

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Our Solutions

Aggne has developed several proprietary solutions that enable us to deliver exceptional value to you—achieving your goals and objectives faster, cheaper, and with far less risk than our competition. Explore our solutions today.


Get your insurance technology, like Duck Creek, up and running on day one.  SwiftConfig, Aggne's development kit enables you to quickly and efficiently customize packaged core systems while staying aligned with best practices and applicable regulatory requirements.  Plus, SwiftConfig keeps track of customizations and changes made in order to ease maintenance and upgrades.  Read more about SwiftConfig here


Stop limping along with legacy insurance software just because the upgrade process is time-consuming and expensive.  SwiftUpgrade, Aggne's upgrade automation platform, automates the upgrade process for software packages like Duck Creek to shorten upgrade timelines and expenses, minimize operational disruption, and free up critical IT resources for other value-added initiatives.  Read more about SwiftUpgrade here.


Quality is a key element for success for Insurers who are undergoing or planning to undergo core system modernization projects.

With a proven experience in Insurtech legacy transformation, Aggne offers SwiftQA, a Quality Assurance as a Service platform with a testing practice to stay on par with technological advancements and achieve success. Aggne’s proprietary tools and testing practice enable its clients to focus on quality of all critical business workflows and ensure a clean roll out, thereby achieving the desired outcomes without overshooting time and budget. Read more about SwiftQA here.

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    Aggne is an emerging market leader driving technological innovation for P&C business transformation; delivers unparalleled services with a solutions portfolio built by harnessing a decade’s experience.


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