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Unlock the Real Potential of Digital Transformation with DevOps and Automation Services from Aggne

Aggne’s DevOps and Automation services help insurers to lead the organizational change in the traditional culture, embracing new technology, and ensuring quality and reliability. Our DevOps culture of collaboration, communication, integration, and automation aims at removing the siloed tasks, responsibilities and goals from Dev and Ops departments, ensuring continuous improvement & value delivery in software development and IT operations.

How We Do It

Rapid Implementation, Customization, and Deployment of Duck Creek

Aggne’s proprietary solution, SwiftConfig offers ultimate flexibility to configure and customize applications to align with Duck Creek Platform while retaining and extending the value of legacy investments. SwiftConfig is an out-of-the-box solution that works right for your business and helps you realize actual business value from the day of its installation.

SwiftConfig enables quick implementation by providing pre-configuration policy and billing customizations and imposing guard rails that keep configurations and customizations aligned with best practices.  It also keeps track of multiple configurations and all your customizations so that when new software is released, upgrades can be performed quickly and for a lower cost than what it takes today.

Automated Duck Creek Upgrades for Accelerated Outcomes

To streamline the upgrade process by minimizing the time and money spent, Aggne offers its proprietary solution-SwiftUpgrade, an upgrade automation platform.

SwiftUpgrade is built specifically to enable Duck Creek Platform to respond to market changes instantly, thereby helping insurers to develop new revenue opportunities, accelerate speed to market, and reduce product development and maintenance costs. With minimal operation ensured with SwiftUpgrade, Insurers can factor in regular software upgrades and avail themselves for the latest features that come with each new release of the software.

The SwiftUpgrade process starts with an automated discovery to learn the customizations and configurations of your existing software versions.  By assessing the upgrade actions necessary, the upgrade complexity, and overall software health, the upgrade actions are performed via smart automation wherever possible.  This lets our upgrade consultants focus only on the most complex parts of the upgrade, which saves you time and money.

Once the upgrade actions are complete and verified, SwiftUpgrade deploys the upgrade alongside the legacy version to ensure a seamless transition and eliminate operational disruptions.

How We Help

For insurers looking out for core systems transformation or migrating to Duck Creek platform, outdated technology can lead them nowhere. While modernizing the core systems, it requires leading practices and business processes to achieve holistic results. Aggne, with the right mix of its leading business processes and proprietary solutions, blends technology with traditional insurance to have a seamless migration to Duck Creek Platform. We do this by delivering value across transformation and beyond through:

  • Technical Debt Management
  • Business Goal and Technology Syncing
  • Managed Operations and Support
  • Automated Duck Creek Version Upgrades
  • Reduced Costs, Risk, and Increased Growth

Lighting the Way™

Aggne is an emerging market leader driving technological innovation for P&C business transformation; delivers unparalleled services with a solutions portfolio built by harnessing a decade’s experience.


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