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Flexibility, Scalability, and Security with Cloud Services from Aggne

Aggne offers cloud-based solutions specially designed and tailored to meet the changing needs of the insurers. Our cost-effective and feature-rich cloud-based insurance solutions help to automate business operations for better management. With Aggne’s effective custom cloud-based software services, insurers can avoid service delays and seamlessly enhance their customer services and experience.

How We Do It

Aggne’s trained and certified professionals with comprehensive product knowledge and consistent delivery of Duck Creek OnDemand helps clients by transitioning current Duck Creek on-premises installs to OnDemand—without losing any business data, rules, or product configurations.

Aggne’s Cloud Services Include:


Aggne’s portal frameworks and applications are built using API platforms and serverless architecture, enabling rapid legacy modernization and business acceleration.

Cloud Security

With Aggne’s cloud security, compliance is assured and audit requirements satisfied with automated assessments combined with penetration, configuration, and security testing, a customized audit framework for periodic and on-demand security audits, and shadow IT discovery.

Cloud Migration

Aggne combines rapid assessment and application migration, a single authoritative source across tools and teams to enable proactive decision making based on value proposition instead of technical debt.

How We Help

The increasing demand and the adoption of cloud-based insurance solutions globally have provided unparalleled opportunities to the insurers. With cloud computing, the insurers could seamlessly identify new trends and deploy new systems that satisfy emerging customer needs.

By implementing Duck Creek OnDemand, Aggne enables Insurers to achieve greater speed to market as well as increase the quality of their customer experience. With Aggne’s Cloud services insurers can work more flexibly and get to market quicker, while realizing major cost savings. By leveraging Aggne’s Cloud services, Insurers gain an advantage of:

  • Real-time processing
  • Consolidation of platforms (Policy, Billing, Rating, Claims, Data, etc.)
  • Reduced Infrastructure and Maintenance costs
  • Automated Upgrades

Lighting the Way™

Aggne is an emerging market leader driving technological innovation for P&C business transformation; delivers unparalleled services with a solutions portfolio built by harnessing a decade’s experience.


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