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An Emerging Market Leader Driving Technological Innovation and Change

Founded with a strong belief in the power of advanced automation technology, Aggne has been an emerging market leader focused on delivering exceptional value by developing and offering several proprietary solutions for Insurance companies and insurtech organizations alike.

Lighting the way for Insurers, with our strategic vision and power of advanced automation, we are redefining the insurance industry by helping it to navigate the evolving technology shift and bridge the gap between business strategies and technology priorities, once and forever.

We are a team of passionate people with diverse backgrounds, who believe in driving excellence and to infuse innovation in everything we do. At Aggne, we have harnessed more than a decade of experience to build a portfolio of solutions that enable us to deliver unparalleled services and help Insurance companies and insurtech organizations fulfil their strategic goals in an ever-changing world.

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Lighting the Way™

Aggne is an emerging market leader driving technological innovation for P&C business transformation; delivers unparalleled services with a solutions portfolio built by harnessing a decade’s experience.


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